OCR A Level Computer Science


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1.1: The characteristics of contemporary processors, input, output and storage devices
1.2: Software and software development
Software and software development
1.2.1f: BIOS.
0 keywords 1 resources
1.2.1g: Device drivers.
0 keywords 1 resources
1.2.2b: Utilities.
0 keywords 1 resources
1.2.4b: Procedural languages.
0 keywords 1 resources
1.3: Exchanging Data
Exchanging Data
1.3.1d: Different uses of hashing.
0 keywords 1 resources
1.3.2c: Normalisation to 3NF.
0 keywords 1 resources
1.3.2d: Interpret and modify SQL
0 keywords 1 resources
1.3.2e: Referential integrity.
0 keywords 1 resources
1.3.3d: Network hardware.
0 keywords 1 resources
1.3.4a: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
0 keywords 3 resources
1.3.4b: Search engine indexing.
0 keywords 1 resources
1.3.4c: PageRank algorithm.
0 keywords 2 resources
1.4: Data types, data structures and algorithms
Data types, data structures and algorithms
1.5: Legal, moral, cultural and ethical issues
2.1: Computational Thinking
2.2: Problem solving and programming
2.3: Algorithms