KS3 Computing

DL01: understand a range of ways to use technology safely, respectfully, responsibly and securely, including protecting their online identity and privacy

Digital Literacy
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acceptable usage policya set of rules that you have to agree to in order to use a site or service
adwarea type of malware which displays additional unwanted adverts to the user
antivirusa type of software which can detect and remove malware from a computer as long as it's regularly updated
biometricsa way of using a unique feature of your body (e.g. fingerprint) instead of a password
malwareany software which causes has been designed to deliberately damage a computer
online identitythe data about you that other people can see
passworda secret word or phrase that you use to prove your identity when logging in to a site or service
phishinga method of tricking people into giving away their personal information
privacya way of restricting access to your data
privatedata which is restricted so that only certain people can see it
publicdata which is available for anyone to view
ransomwarea type of malware which locks a user out of their files until they pay someone to be able to access them again
spywarea type of malware which records and shares a computer user's activity without their knowledge or permission
trojan horsea type of malware which grants remote access to a computer without the user's permission
usernameyour personal login details that are unique to you for any site or service
virusa type of malware which copies itself from one computer to another
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