iMedia R081 Pre Production Skills

3.4: describe the properties and limitations of file formats for moving images (animation and video)

Producing Pre Production documents
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animationA moving picture made up of individual frames (e.g. stop motion or keyframe)
aspect ratioThe width divided by the height, used to show the shape of the screen a video should be played on (e.g. 4:3 or 16:9 widescreen)
aviA video file format that is usually uncompressed with a very large file size, suitable for editing but not online distribution
bit rateThe number of bits needed to store on second of a video recording
compressionTechnique used to reduce the file size of a video recording. Can be lossy (reduces quality) or lossless (doesn't reduce quality)
file sizeThe number of bytes used to store the video
frame rateThe number of images shown each second
heightThe number of pixels down each column of a video
limitationsWeaknesses of a particular file format
mp4A video file format that uses lossy compression to reduce file size by reducing the picture and sound quality
swfAn animation file format that stores sounds, images and videos which is optimised for online distribution but doesn't work well on mobile devices
videoA moving picture made up of individual photos or images shown in quick succession
widthThe number of pixels across each row of a video
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