iMedia R081 Pre Production Skills

3.1: analyse a script in terms of suitability for audience and purpose

Producing Pre Production documents
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audienceThe people who will use the script (e.g. actors or comic designers)
camera angleHigh or low position of a camera
camera movementCrab, zoom, pan, tilt, tracking
charactersWho's speaking or moving
dialogueWhat a character says
emotionHow a character should speak (e.g. angrily, sadly, lovingly)
exteriorWhen a scene takes place outside
interiorWhen a scene takes place inside
intonationHow a character should speak (e.g. as a question, uncertainly, confidently)
locationWhere the action takes place
purposeWhat the script is trying to achieve (e.g. educate, entertain, inform, advertise, promote)
scriptWritten document that contains dialogue, stage directions, location, set and characters
setProps that are needed
shot typeWhere the camera is in relation to what it's filming (e.g. extreme long shot, long shot, medium shot, close up, extreme close up)
soundsMusic or noises that are essential to the scene
stage directionsInstructions to the actors that describe movement or posture
suitabilityWhether the script is appropriate for the target audience and purpose
volumeHow loud or quiet the character should speak
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