iMedia R081 Pre Production Skills

3.0: create mind maps, mood boards, visualisation diagrams and storyboards

Producing Pre Production documents
Test your self on these keywords and definitions using the games below or Play random game
annotationWritten descriptions that explain design decisions
AudienceThe group of people that will use or view a pre-production document
ClientThe person or company who has asked for the media product to be made
contentThe images, text and other items you'd expect to see in a media product
layoutHow the content is arranged on screen / paper
Mind mapA diagram showing a central idea connected to primary nodes which are then structured into sub nodes
mood boardA combination of images, colours, text
PurposeWhat the pre-production document will be used for
relevenceHow suitable the content and design ideas of a pre production document are for the theme
storyboardA sequence of diagrams showing each scene of an animation or video
structureHow content is linked together in a mind map
visualisation diagramAn annotated sketch showing a design idea
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