iMedia R081 Pre Production Skills

2.8: describe how legislation applies to creative media production (data protection, privacy, defamation, certification, classification, copyright and intellectual property)

Planning Pre Production documents
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CertificationProof that a media product meets a set of technical standards (e.g. Dolby Sound / HD / DVD)
ClassificationProof that a media product is suitable for a particular age group
CopyrightThe right to be known as the creator or owner of a digital product, which prevents others from using it without permission
Creative CommonsType of copyright license where you are free to use an asset as long as you acknowledge who the author is.
Data Protection ActLegislation saying how all personal data collected must be accurate, stored securely and not kept for longer than is necessary
Defamation ActLegislation saying how media products mustn't lie in a way that damages someone's reputation
Intellectual propertyPatents, trademarks and copyright
LegislationA law or set of laws.
PrivacyPersonal data must only be used, shared or stored for the purpose that was stated when a user gave their consent.
Public domainWhen an asset is freely available without any copyright restriction
TrademarkA word or short phrase that is the name of a company or product which can only be used legal permission
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