iMedia R081 Pre Production Skills

2.6: describe the hardware, techniques and software used for digitising and creating pre-production documents

Planning Pre Production documents
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desktop publishingSoftware used to create posters, booklets and newsletters
digital cameraHardware used to capture a photo that can be stored on a computer
digitisingCapturing or recording something so that it can be stored and viewed on a computer
displayHardware used to show software, images and text
file managementSoftware used to rename, copy and delete files and organise them into folders
graphics editingSoftware used to create and edit images
graphics tabletHardware used to control a cursor around the screen and control software using a pen
hardwarePhysical devices that make up part of a computer
internet browserSoftware used to view web pages
keyboardHardware used to type text and control software
mouseHardware used to move a cursor around the screen to control software
pre-production documentsMood boards, mind maps, visualisation diagrams, scripts and storyboards
printerHardware used to create physical documents from digital images and text
scannerHardware used to capture pages or pictures as a digital image or pdf
softwarePrograms that run on a computer
spreadsheetSoftware used to store and analyse data (e.g. finances)
word processingSoftware used to write, edit and print written documents
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