iMedia R081 Pre Production Skills

2.4: produce a work plan and production schedule containing tasks, activities, work flow, timescales, resources, milestones, contingencies

Planning Pre Production documents
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activitiesThe smaller steps that need to be done to complete each task
contingency timeTime that is set aside without being allocated to a specific task or activity in case something takes longer than expected
milestonesA point in time where a significant amount of progress will have been made on a media product
production scheduleAn overview showing which jobs need to be done to design and produce a media product
resourcesThe hardware and software needed to complete a job
tasksThe main jobs required to produce a media product
timescaleHow long the production team has to create a media product
work flowThe order that tasks and activities need to be completed in.
work planA guide showing what steps to take to create a media product: what order to do them in and how long they'll take.
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