HT1: Media

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1a: Draw basic shapes with different properties
fillthe way the inside of a shape is displayed
polygona shape with multiple sides
strokethe way the outline of a shape is displayed
z orderwhere the shape is in the order of what's displayed on top / bottom
1b: Manipulate individual objects
nodea point which you can move to change the shape of an object
rotatespin a shape around
scaleresize a shape
skewdistort a shape so it leans in one direction
translatemove a shape
1c: Manipulate groups of objects
alignmove shapes so they line up with each other
distributemove shapes so they're they same distance appart
horizontalx axis (left or right)
verticaly axis (up or down)
1d: Combine paths by applying operations
differencemake a shape out of one shape minus the area of another shape
intersectionmake a shape out of the overlapped area of two shapes
unionmake a shape out of the total area of two shapes combined
1e: Convert objects to paths
objectpolygon that can be edited as whole shape
pathshape made up of lines and curves where each point can be edited separately
1f: Draw paths
bezierpath made up of smooth curves defined by control points
freehandpath drawn as though you're using a pencil on screen
nodeeditable point which changes the shape of a path
patheditable line or curve used to make vector shapes
strokethey style used to display the outline of a shape or the line of a curve
1g: Edit path nodes
bezier segmenta curved section of a path
corner nodethe end point of a curve
linear segmenta straight section of a path
node handlea point away from a curve which changes the angle of a curve
smooth nodea point in between two curves which flow into each other
1h: Combine multiple tools and techniques to create a vector graphic design
beziersmooth vector curve
fillcolour or style used to shade in a vector shape
gradientchanging gradually from one colour to another
layerstacking up different graphics on top of each other
nodecontrol point which can be moved to change the shape of a line or curve
pathvector line or shape outline
vectortype of image that is made up of lines, shapes and colours
1i: Explain what vector graphics are
bitmaptype of digital graphic which is made up of coloured pixels
fillstyle used to shade in a shape
nodeeditable point that you can move to change the shape of a line or curve
pathline, curve or outline of a shape
pixelindividual coloured picture cell
SVGScalable Vector Graphic (file format which can be scaled without losing any quality)
vectortype of digital graphic which is made up of lines, shapes and colours
1j: Provide examples where using vector graphics would be appropriate
cartoon or logovector graphics would be highly appropriate for this type of image
photobitmap graphics would be more suitable for this type of image
vectortype of graphic which is made up of lines and shapes which can be drawn at any size without losing any quality
1k: Evaluate vector graphics
colourshade of foreground, background and outline
compositionlayout and design of a graphic
purposewhat an image is designed to achieve
target audiencethe people an image is designed for
vector graphictype of image made up of lines, curve and shapes