KS3 Computing

CS02: understand several key algorithms that reflect computational thinking [for example, ones for sorting and searching]

Computer Science
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algorithmstep by step instructions to solve a problem
binary searcha searching algorithm which only works if data is sorted in order. It works by repeatedly ignoring half of the data until it homes in on the value it's looking for.
bubble sorta sorting algorithm that goes through a list of data, swapping values where necessary, until each value is in order
computational thinkingusing logical problem solving skills to solve problems
datavalues stored in a computer (e.g. numbers, text, pictures or files)
linear searcha searching algorithm works even if data is not sorted in order. It goes through each value in a list of data in turn, until it finds what it's looking for.
searchingfinding a specific value within a list of data
sortingarranging data in order
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