DL: Digital Literacy

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DL1: Understand the opportunities networks offer for communication and collaboration
Digital Literacy
bloga web log or online journal
collaborationusing the Internet to be able to work on the same files and projects without needing to be in the same building
communicationsending and receiving messages and data over the Internet
emailsending and receiving messages that they can reply to wherever and whenever they have access to the Internet
networktwo or more computers connected together
social mediaan app or web site that allows you to share pictures, messages or video with your friends, family or people you work with
The Interneta worldwide network of computer networks all connected together
wikia web page that anyone can edit and improve
DL2: Be discerning in evaluating digital content
Digital Literacy
accuracywhether digital content contains facts that are correct or not
authorthe person who created digital content
biaswhat the author of digital content is trying to make you think or do
datewhen digital content was created or last updated
digital contentanything created using a computer
discerningthinking carefully for yourself, not just believing what other people tell you
evaluatingdeciding how good quality or how much you can trust something
relevancewhether or not digital content relates to what you're searching for
DL3: Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact
Digital Literacy
blockingstopping someone from being able to send you any more messages
CEOPa website you can use to report anything online that you're concerned about to the police
Childlinea charity that you can contact for advice and support if something has upset you online
privateanything that you don't want strangers to be able to see or read
publicsomething that anyone can see or read
reportingtelling someone in charge about something online that has upset you so that they can do something about it
teachersomeone you see regularly in school who you can ask for advice and support if something has upset you online