IT1: Use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content

Information Technology
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animationmoving pictures without any sound that you can design, create and watch
audiencethe people who will look at your work when you've finished it (for example your parents)
audiosound that you can record, edit and listen to
bloga web log that can be shared online with pictures, videos and writing
digital contentanything that you create or view on a computer
filea document that is stored on a computer that contains your work or data
foldera group of files on a computer so you can organise them and find them more easily
fontsdifferent styles of writing on a computer
loadopening a file on a computer
purposethe reason why you've been asked to do your work (for example to make people want to eat more healthy food)
savetelling a computer to remember your work so you can open it again later
shareusing a computer to allow someone else to see your work
videomoving pictures and sound that you can record, edit and watch
web designdesigning and coding web pages for the Internet
word processingtyping out text and arranging it nicely with pictures, colours and different fonts
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