DL1: Recognise common uses of information technology beyond school

Digital Literacy
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advertisingcompanies can use computers to try to persuade people to buy the things that they sell
emailpeople can send and receive messages to each other over the Internet instead of posting letters
fundraisingcharities can use computers to tell people about what they do and raise money to help
gamingpeople can use computers to have fun or play with each other online
Information Technologyusing computers to help people, families and businesses live, work and share things online
social mediapeople can share pictures, video or messages with each other online to keep in touch or work together
surveyspeople can use computers to get lots of people to answer the same questions to help them understand something better
video conferencingpeople can see each other and talk rather than having to be in the same building for a meeting
web sitespeople can find out almost anything on the Internet or create their own pages online
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