CS3: Use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs

Computer Science
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algorithmstep by step instructions to solve a problem (with or without a computer)
coordinatesthe position of a sprite on the screen
debuggingfinding and fixing mistakes in code so that a program works properly
inputthings like pressing keys or moving the mouse that sends data into a computer program
logical reasoningthinking carefully to predict and explain what a program will do when you run it
outputthings like sound or graphics that sends information out from a computer program
programmingwriting computer code to give it instructions for a game, app program
scriptone or more blocks or instructions in a program that tells a computer what to do
spritesomething in a program that you can see and that can move around
variablesomething in a computer program that can remember a value (like the score for a game or the player's name)
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