CS2: Create and debug simple programs

Computer Science
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algorithmstep by step instructions to solve a problem (with or without a computer)
blocka single instruction in scratch
commenta special type of block in scratch that lets you explain what your script does without changing how it works
costumea drawing that tells scratch how to display a sprite on the screen
debugfinding and fixing problems with code in a computer program
eventsomething in scratch that triggers a script to start running (like clicking on the green flag or pressing a key)
predictionyour best guess of what a program will do before you run it
programstep by step instructions in code that tells a computer exactly what to do
scratcha program you can use to make your own games and animations
scriptone or more block that tells scratch how a sprite moves or behaves
spritesomething in scratch that you can program to move or behave in different ways
variablesomething in scratch that can remember something (like the game score or the player's name)
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