Edexcel GCSE Computer Science 2020

6.2.2: be able to write programs that make appropriate use of sequencing, selection, repetition (count-controlled, condition-controlled), iteration (over every item in a data structure) and single entry/exit points from code blocks and subprograms

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code blocksection of code which is all indented by the same amount
entry pointthe first line of code which is executed
exit pointthe last line of code in a code block or subprogram to be executed
functionnamed section of code which can be called multiple times and always returns a value
iterationusing FOR to loop through each value in a data structure (e.g. list or string)
procedurenamed section of code which can be called multiple times and never returns a value
repetitionusing FOR or WHILE to allow code to repeat a set number of times or whilst a condition is met
selectionusing IF to allow code to make a choice
sequencemultiple lines of code that have to be executed in order
subprograma procedure or function
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