Edexcel GCSE Computer Science 2020

6.2.1: understand the function of and be able to identify the structural components of programs (constants, variables, initialisation and assignment statements, command sequences, selection, repetition, iteration, data structures, subprograms, parameters, input/output)

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assignmentsetting the value of a variable at any time in a program e.g. score = 1
command sequencepart of an algorithm where multiple instructions are carried out in a particular order
constantnamed value which is set once but can be used multiple times e.g. MAX_SCORE = 10
data structurea named area of memory which stores multiple values (e.g. scores = [1,2,3])
initialisationsetting the value of a variable or constant at the start of the program e.g. score = 0
inputdata which goes in to an algorithm or program e.g. input(...)
iterationpart of an algorithm that repeats instructions for each value in a data structure e.g. for ... in ...
outputdata which comes out from an algorithm or program e.g. print(...)
parametera value which is passed into a sub program e.g. def square(size):
repetitionpart of an algorithm that is run a set number of times or whilst a condition is met e.g. while lives > 0:
return valuea value which is passed out from a function
selectionpart of an algorithm where a condition is checked to see which instructions are run next e.g. if ... :
sub programa named part of a program which can be called multiple times (either a procedure or a function) e.g. def square():
variablenamed memory location which stores a value which can be set and used multiple times e.g. score = 0
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