Edexcel GCSE Computer Science 2020

6.1.3: be able to convert algorithms (flowcharts, pseudocode) into programs and convert programs into algorithms

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decisiondiamond seen in a flowchart whenever the algorithm has to make a choice what to do next
flowchartdiagram which shows each stage of an algorithm
inputparallelogram seen in a flowchart whenever data is entered into an algorithm
outputparallelogram seen in a flowchart whenever data is sent out or displayed from an algorithm
processrectangle seen a flowchart wherever a calculation takes place
program codealgorithm written in a formal way so that it can be run on a computer
pseudocodeinformal written description of a program which does not require any strict programming syntax
syntaxrules for a programming language
terminatorrounded rectangle seen at the start and end of each flowchart
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