Stats Project

In this project you will collect and analyse some statistical data in order to see if you can predict and proove any patterns or correlation.

Have a look at the game and the survey below to see what sort of things you could investigate:

Step 1: Predict

  1. Write down what you want to investigate
  2. E.g.

    I want to investigate what effect eating breakfast has on reaction times

  3. Write down your prediction
  4. E.g.

    I predict that people who eat breakfast will have a ... reaction time than those that don't

Step 2: Collect

Step 3: Analyse

  1. Download the results here
  2. Choose the data that is relevant to your prediction
  3. Plot a suitable graph to show your results
  4. Interpret your graph and write down whether or not your prediction was correct
  5. Discuss the limitations of the data. How might it be biased or unreliable.
  6. Discuss how you could get more reliable data