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One of the words you rarely ever hear used to describe computing lessons is compassionate but it's one of the 6 reasons why I love teaching computing.

One of the Computing projects that students do in Y7 at Fulford School is a Game Design project. Each student chooses a charity that they care about and then creates a plan for a game which will raise awareness of what that charity does. They have to sketch out a what the game will look like, how to play it and why they've chosen that charity before creating, testing and reviewing each other's games.

I find that students put loads more effort into into a game if it's connected to a cause they're passionate about than they would for some random project and I've been really impressed with the quality of the games that they've produced.

Some of the best students in that project have agreed to become ambassadors for this site. They've agreed to collect keywords and definitions for other school subjects and publish them here to help other students learn. In return, they get to choose which charities to donate money to that is raised by this site.

This site is completely free to use, but contains some "Related Content" adverts at the bottom of each page. Adverts are easily blocked in schools for students but when a teacher clicks on one of these links it will generate a small amount of money from Google's AdSense revenue which the student ambassadors can then donate.

The plan is that students will keep track of how much money these adverts raise and then donate the money to a different charity each month

I don't know how much they'll be able to raise but the idea is to empower students to use their tech skills to make a small but positive difference to the world around them.

Ultimately, I'd really like students to be able to create their own games on this site but that's a long way off just yet...

More details will be published here shortly.

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Charities supported so far:
DateAmount raisedCharity
29th January 2019£5RSPCAI have chosen this charity because I have always loved animals from a very young age and when i am older I want to work there and help animals. Year 7 student.
29th January 2019£5ClapaI have chosen this charity because when I was younger I was born with palate which is where you don't have the roof of your mouth, so I feel like if I donate to this charity it's me giving something back for them helping me and my family through those times. Leah, Student Y7
4th December 2018£20CAPChristians Against Poverty is the charity that was used in an example game for the Y7 game design project. CAP provide free debt counselling and support services across the UK. Christmas can be a really stressful time for people struggling with debt but the team at CAP can offer help and support at no cost and with no strings attached.
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